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Simple Youtube Music Player.

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"Metube" is FREE.

"Metube" is designed to make Youtube videos available like a music player.

Fast Performance

"Metube" works very fast on your system with local database foundation and proper caching strategy.

No ads

Watch music without ads. "Metube" allows you to listen to video and music without advertising.

Top Security

All data in "Metube" is stored in the local environment.
Therefore, it is safe in any case.

Video Download(beta)

Download YouTube videos from within the app.
Future offline playback is also planned.


Noth. Adrian

It's a very simple and clean app.
I can use it lightly without thinking.
I usually use it in company.

hyun su Kim

I have been using this app for about a year from its inception to the present. There is a minor problem, but it does not really matter much, and the update support is very fast. It is very advantageous

Daniel Danson

There are various YouTube music apps,
It is very fast to respond to issues and post-support is sure.
I have been using it for about 3 months, but I have no problem with using the app.
The design is very clean.